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  1. 250 posts! awwww yusss!!!


  2. sk3ith:

    It’s been a long time since I got my hands dirty! Here you go peeps! GO #teamSk3ith!

    repost :)


  3. sk3ith:

    Azure Flame Kite from the movie .hack//G.U. trilogy

    repost… because Azure Kite has so many fans! :D

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  4. :Inactivity

    I’ve become inactive on tumblr, thanks to all the pressure from studying and (mainly) due to my lazy genes. But I might have some content coming up soon *no promises tho* 
    peace :)


  5. I’ve never felt so good watching anything in life. Not a TV show, nor a film. And now that I’ve finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, I’m back to my boring life again. I can’t emphasize how good the series is, but I can assure you It’s one of the best works out there.

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  6. thepianogirl1:

    "what did you give your dad for fathers day?"

    a headache

    Lol our convo ! =D



  8. leftmyarminmycoat:


    I was at the zoo the other day and there was this fucking goose trying to act likE A FUCKING FLAMINGO

    this made my day its so adorable

    ME trying to fit into ANY group.  

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  9. thepianogirl1:


    I’m more single than a cheese slice



    I GET IT NOW!!!


  10. thepianogirl1:



    I was thinking of some puns i could make with Disney characters names and now i can’t stop laughing cause I’m imagining Jasmine and Aladdin having sex and Jasmine asking him if its Aladdin or Aladdout.

    Yo Aladdin! She’s not yours! She Jasmine! >:D

    I would fight you but you are too jafar away from me

    No matter how Minnie times you nag at me, I keep losing Mickey :/