might just be your biggest fan.

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  2. 20/03/14

    There are just so many things goin on in my life at the moment. I like my friend but I’m getting a mixed feeling from her. And there’s this other girl givin’ me cues. I just realised that I forgot to wish my beloved best friend a happy birthday. Lastly, I got a fcukin’ test and a lab in a few hours. fuck me, right? 


  3. Master Yi 
    He’s been my favorite Champion for quite a while now.
    Credits to the artist (Y) 


  4. This is the opening song to Hack Roots. It’s just a little too nostalgic.


  5. rollingrabbit:

    I was looking at a lot of 80s stuff and I thought “wow, metalgarurumon is so 80s.” and then I spent a whole bunch of time on this.

    Metal Wolf Claw is available as prints, mugs, clocks and more in my Society6 because I originally intended to have this as a poster for myself, may as well give you the option too :D

    Now I want one for Wargreymon too! :’(


  6. Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk 

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  7. hahaha!! goodbye 2013!

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  8. Hahaha rofl xD

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  10. The picture speaks for itself

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